Lusty bombshell babes Paula and Antonia Sainz use their tongues mouths and a couple of times for a lesbian fuck fest

It's a girls day in with Antonia Sainz and Paula! When Antonia hands Paula a matching bra and thong to try on, Paula doesn't hesitate to peel off her short dress and climb into the matching underwear. Seeing Paula dressed in such a lovely getup is too much for Antonia. She leans in to start kissing her way down Paula's neck and shoulders, which only encourages Paula to turn around and really get the party started.The girls exchange a lingering kiss as Paula's hands work overtime to pops Antonia's boobs from her dress. Thumbing the nipples to hard peaks, Paula cups the heavy globes with obvious pleasure. Antonia takes the time to help Paula out of her lingerie while shrugging out of her own dress. Turning Paula around, Antonia kneels so that she can explore Paula's rump with her tongue and soft kisses.Knowing that neither of them will stop until they've been fully satisfied, the girls relocate to the couch so they can enjoy each other's charms. Antonia settles Paula down, then falls to her knees in front of Paula so that she can lean in nice and close and lap at Paula's clit. As Antonia dives even deeper, Paula tilts her head back so that she can moan in carnal delight. When her wandering fingers find that Paula is nice and wet for her, Antonia disengages so that she can grab a toy that she knows will bring the utmost pleasure. The rotating flaps tap lightly on Paula's clit, eliciting gasps of pure delight. Antonia keeps it up with the toy until Paula's bucking hips give away her climax.Swapping spots, the girls put Antonia on the couch on her knees leaning forward with Paula crouched behind her. Paula grabs the toy that has just brought her so much pleasure and pushes it to Antonia's meaty snatch. Antonia can't help but rock back into the pressure, especially when Paula leans back and starts licking!Laying down on the couch with her thighs spread wide apart, Antonia watches as Paula makes herself at home to continue her pussy feast. She is patient and thorough in her oral ministrations. As Antonia grows closer to another climax, Paula gets her fingers in on the action to make sure that her girlfriend has plenty for her pussy to clench around.Antonia's response is to tip Paula onto her back with her knees up by her head. With Paula totally exposed, it's easy for Antonia to lick that pussy like her favorite treat. Eventually the girls rearrange the position so that Antonia is on her back with Paula riding her face. The pussy feast continues with utter enthusiasm, with Paula closing her eyes in sheer bliss.The girls once again change it up, this time so that they're tribbing together. They grab a new toy, this one a vibrator, and hold it between them. With the vibrations making both of them pant, the girls scissor together against the toy until they have both reached completion one last time. Replete, they bask in the afterglow of a lovely time together.

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